Creating freedom & wealth in all areas of life.

Breaking free from the system that has held you back.

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Does this sound like you?


You're an entrepreneur who is lost when it comes to setting up business systems and foundational processes.


You're constantly worried about not making enough, not having enough to cover your expenses, and/or running out of money.


You feel overwhelmed and puzzled by what feels like an invisble block, standing between you and success.


You fuel yourself with coffee in the morning and unwind with wine at night, never feeling at peace.


You're great at what you do and want to spend more time on that…but you can't quite seem to make your dreams turn into your reality.


Are you ready to 10X your wealth, freedom, and ease? Let's set you up for a quantum leap.

What's inside? In addition to an amazing community (priceless)…


Monthly RRT Healings (topics include: wealth, confidence, motivation, healing heartbreak, and more)


Audios to help reprogram your mind and update your unconscious mind to align with your desired life of wealth, health, and fun.


Monthly hot seat coaching (ask me anything)


Guest speakers to help with sales & marketing, human design, shamanic journeys, and more!


Bonus trainings on foundational business systems. 

Imagine yourself one year later…

Feeling a sense of peace & ease

After the monthly reprogramming audios, your unconscious mind will be primed and ready to go! You'll feel an inner peace and sense of knowing that all is good.



Quantum jumping to $$$$

After I help you clear money blocks, while also helping you with your business strategy, cash flow forecasting, and getting clear on your map for the future…you'll be ready to receive more money than ever!



Knowing how to work with the quantum field to manifest

While I'm very skilled with the 3D world of accounting / finance, I'm also skilled at working with the quantum field to manifest my desires (the 5D).  Now it's your turn to learn & embody, as well.             




Annual Price

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“Before Angela, I never knew what was going on with my finances.  I was bringing in nearly 7 figures in revenue, but couldn't figure out where it all went and I didn't have the time to look. With her help, I now have a handle on my expenses and feel very confident about my future. She is a multidimensional finance guru! ”

Silicon Valley CEO

Angela Christian


Angela Christian, MBA, is a former Silicon Valley finance manager turned Fractional CFO, #1 Best Selling Author of Manifestation Mastery, Business Strategist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and host of "Un/Conventional CEO" - the podcast. 

With her blend of unconscious reprogramming, energetics, and business strategy - Angela helps entrepreneurs achieve financial success by tapping into a higher dimension of abundance and alignment.

After being near death in 2015, Angela started on her very own Hero's Journey.  She trained with world-renowned mystics, shamans, energy healers, and more as she transformed from a 3D version of herself (fearful, worried, anxious) to the expanded 5D soul who has learned to play with the quantum field.

Quit letting your Financial dreams stay dreams

This is your one-time ticket to access me, my CFO brain, my healers, and propel your business forward with like-minded individuals!